Annual report 2018-19

This annual report highlights the Department of Primary Industry and Resources’ performance in 2018-19 financial year.

This annual report has been prepared to meet reporting requirements under the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 1993, Financial Management Act 1995 and Information Act 2002.

It provides the minister, Northern Territory Legislative Assembly, industry stakeholders, employees and other interested parties with a record of the department’s functions, significant activities undertaken and performance for 2018-19.

The report contains the Chief Executive’s overview and comprises the following sections:

  1. Our department – an overview of the department’s vision, purpose, functions, structure and legislation administered.
  2. Performance and achievements – a summary of achievements and progress during 2018-19 against the outcomes outlined in 2018 Budget Paper No 3 and the Department of Primary Industry and Resources Strategic Plan 2018-2022.
  3. Our people – an overview of the department’s human resource management and compliance relating to regulatory requirements.
  4. Corporate governance – a summary of the corporate governance framework underpinning operations and an overview of performance.
  5. Financials – the department’s financial management and performance.
  6. Engagement – a summary of engagement and collaboration with stakeholders and the community.
  7. Appendices – key contacts, grant funding and abbreviations.