Budget priorities for 2019-2020

  • Continuing to increase mineral and petroleum resource exploration opportunities in the NT, foster investment attraction and expand market access through the Resourcing the Territory 2018‑2022 initiative.
  • Undertaking strategic scientific research and extension initiatives to increase on‑farm impact and support industry growth.
  • Optimising the future operations of the department’s research farms.
  • Facilitating strategic and innovative utilisation of the NT’s land and water resources.
  • Protecting NT primary industries from exotic pests and diseases to enhance economic sustainability.
  • Ensuring sustainable development of the NT’s fisheries.
  • Continuing to enhance recreational fishing as part of the $50 million recreational fishing infrastructure program.
  • Developing contemporary petroleum regulation that supports the sustainable advancement of the NT’s petroleum assets in line with government policy.
  • Ensuring resource regulation practices and procedures continue to meet stakeholder expectations.
  • Facilitating access to land for extractive, minerals and energy exploration and mining.

  • Improving the quantity and quality of the NT’s pastoral, horticultural, fishing and aquaculture production, with a focus on agribusiness development in the Katherine region.
  • Promoting local and international business investment in NT projects, particularly the development of Tennant Creek as the minerals and mining services and supply centre.
  • Continuing to facilitate primary production in regional areas through Aboriginal business development, employment opportunities and capacity building.
  • Facilitating critical infrastructure investment planning to support project development and improve access to regional areas.
  • Collaborating with industry to enhance economic development opportunities in remote locations with consequential benefits for regional communities.

  • Working with industry, government and communities to ensure best‑practice animal welfare standards are maintained.
  • Implementing the strategic plan to improve safety and address environmental damage resulting from legacy mine sites.
  • Partnering with the Australian Government to address long‑term environmental legacy issues resulting from uranium mining at the former Rum Jungle mine site.

  • Delivering contemporary and appropriate regulatory and compliance services across all relevant areas of business.
  • Ensuring the mining and petroleum sectors in the NT are effectively regulated to meet industry and community expectations.
  • Undertaking transparent and consistent administration of the legislative frameworks for mineral and energy tenure.
  • Continuing to facilitate the transfer of environmental approvals for resource management of minerals and energy legislation to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
  • Developing a code of practice and waste management framework to regulate shale gas exploration and production activities in the NT.


Last updated: 23 October 2019

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