Feature: New mango varieties on the menu

Mangoes contribute millions of dollars to the NT economy, and research from Katherine and Darwin could see the NT’s favourite fruit contributing even more due to higher yields and a longer season.

New varieties of mango have been going through a number of trials, including disinfestation treatment, which is required by most overseas markets, and taste tests. Initial results are positive, with mangoes flown to Brisbane in 2018 responding well to irradiation treatment for fruit fly disinfestation.

Mila Bristow, Director Plant Industries, said the figures show the new varieties perform better than existing ones.

“New varieties were less likely to develop fruit quality issues such as lenticels and under skin browning after irradiation treatment. They were also successfully packed in a commercial packing line and maintained quality in cold storage for longer than existing varieties.”

The new varieties, are called NMBP1243 and NMBP1201, are part of the National Breeding Program.

“This year we hope to take taste testing to the marketplace to gauge consumer preferences,” Mila said.

“We will assess how the new varieties perform

in the field and carry out our second yearly yield assessment.”

The new varieties are developed from Irwin and Kensington Pride parents.

NMBP1243 enjoys production levels three times that of Kensington Pride, with its Katherine season starting two to three weeks earlier. NMBP1201 has higher production than the Kensington Pride variety, but a similar production season in the Katherine region.


Last updated: 23 October 2019

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