Board of Management

The department’s governance structures were  updated in July 2018 to align with the Strategic Plan 2018‑2022. BoM is the key leadership, planning and accountability forum.

BoM supports the Chief Executive (CE) in discharging his responsibilities as Accountable Officer, and has focused on ensuring the strategic business of the department aligns with requirements under the Public Sector Employment and Management Act 1993, the Financial Management Act 1995, other statutory obligations and the Strategic Plan 2018‑2022.

Responsibilities include to:

  • support the department’s compliance with whole of government accountability, reporting, transparency and governance requirements
  • lead the department’s delivery against the  strategic plan
  • communicate the department’s priorities and support a strong internal culture
  • champion the department’s culture and values
  • oversee the governance framework to support strategy formulation, policy development, external accountability, and internal monitoring and supervision
  • review and monitor strategic risks
  • review and monitor BoM sub‑committees
  • oversee business planning, reporting against key performance indicators and reviewing performance
  • support strategic management of budget and resources to achieve the department’s goals and required outcomes.

As at 30 June 2019

  • Chief Executive, Alister Trier (Chair)
  • Deputy Chief Executive, Rod Applegate
  • Executive Director Fisheries, Ian Curnow
  • Executive Director Mines, Armando Padovan
  • Executive Director Northern Territory Geological Survey, Ian Scrimgeour
  • Executive Director Onshore Gas Development, James Pratt
  • Executive Director Agriculture, Phil Hausler
  • Executive Director Biosecurity and Animal Welfare, Sarah Corcoran
  • Acting Executive Director Corporate Services and Governance, Rick Bishop

Secretariat support is provided by Executive Officer, Zoe Malone.

16 July 2018 – Darwin
17 August 2018 – Darwin
17 September 2018 – Darwin
23 October 2018 – Darwin
13 November 2018 – Douglas Daly
14 December 2018 – Berrimah
16 January 2019 – Darwin
6 February 2019 – Darwin
15 March 2019 – Berrimah
16 April 2019 – Darwin
17 May 2019 – Katherine
14 June 2019 – Channel Island


Last updated: 23 October 2019

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