Feature: Field days a pathway to potential

In April 2019, the department with support from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the NT Farmers Association and the NT Cattlemen’s Association hosted two agricultural field days at Katherine Research Station and Douglas Daly Research Farm. The field days provide opportunities for pastoralists, producers, industry members and stakeholders from the Northern Territory and interstate to exchange knowledge and experiences.

The theme was ‘NT Agriculture: Pathways to Potential’, to illustrate new agricultural opportunities for agribusinesses and diversification options for existing pastoralists.

Joy Sherlock, Senior Extension Agronomist, said networking and learnings from such field days could be invaluable when it came to growth and development.

“They are a chance to learn from specialists and other producers in your sector, and that knowledge can help you move your agricultural business forward,” she said.

“Field days display the latest research, technology and practices, and advancements in industry. Presentations, hands‑on farm paddock tours, trade displays and machinery galore make these events a must for anyone who wants to find out what is happening in the world of cropping, pasture and livestock.”

The field days included information about the latest research in northern Australian beef cattle genetics; using livestock to help control gamba grass; and new crops such as cotton, soybeans, forage and grain sorghum, dryland rice, and various species of pasture grass for seed production.

Around 280 people attended the Katherine event, with around 255 attending the Douglas Daly field day. More than 100 businesses took part at each and feedback forms showed more than 96 per cent of attendees said they learnt something new.


Last updated: 23 October 2019

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