AASBAustralian Accounting Standards Board
AGESAnnual Geoscience Exploration Seminar
AGMINAgriculture Minister’s Forum
AMECAssociation of Mining and Exploration Companies
ANZSOGAustralia and New Zealand School of Government
AOTAAccountable Officer’s Trust Account
APPEAAustralian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
ATOAustralian Tax Office
AusGINAustralian Geoscience Information Network
AWACAnimal Welfare Advisory Committee
AZRIArid Zone Research Institute
BFSCBudget Finance Subcommittee
BOMBoard of Management
CDUCharles Darwin University
CEChief Executive
CLCCentral Land Council
CLFMACCoastal Line Fishery Management Advisory Committee
COAGCouncil of Australian Governments
CSIROCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CSSCommonwealth Superannuation Scheme
DACDarwin Aquaculture Centre
DCISDepartment of Corporate and Information Services
DDRFDouglas Daly Research Farm
EAPEmployee Assistance Program
ECLExpected credit loss
EMPEnvironment management plan
EuFMDEuropean Commission for the Control of Foot and Mouth Disease
FADFishing aggregation device
FMDFoot and Mouth Disease
FOIFreedom of information
FTEFull-time equivalent
FVOCIFair value through other comprehensive income
FVTPLFair value through profit or loss
HACCPHazard Analysis and Critical Control Points
HRHuman Resources
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
ICTInformation and communications technology
IMCInformation Management Committee
KMPKey management personnel
KRSKatherine Research Station
MCAMineral Council of Australia
MCFMACMud Crab Fishery Management Advisory Committee
MLAMeat and Livestock Australia
MMPMining management plan
NBAEPNational Browsing Ant Eradication Program
NBRUCNorthern Beef Research Update Conference
NPNational Partnership
NTNorthern Territory
NTCANT Cattlemen’s Association
NTGPASSNorthern Territory Government and Public Authorities Superannuation Scheme
NTGSNorthern Territory Geological Survey
OCIOther comprehensive income
OMPOld Man Plains Research Station
OSFMACOffshore Snapper Fisher Management Advisory Committee
PDRPersonal Development Review
PEX TenurePetroleum and Geothermal Tenure
RACRisk and Audit Committee
RFACRecreational Fishing Advisory Committee
SPPSpecific Purpose Payment
TASTitles Administration System
TNRMTerritory Natural Resource Management
VETVocational education and training
WHSWork Health and Safety
WHS SCWork Health and Safety Steering Committee
QC3Quarantine containment level 3
QRIDAQueensland Rural and Industry Development Authority


Last updated: 23 October 2019

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