Feature: AGES rocks the red centre

The department shares the latest geoscience information with industry to encourage exploration and investment in new projects, and the Annual Geoscience and Exploration Seminar (AGES) plays a major role in this.

AGES continues to go from strength to strength, with the 2019 conference attracting the highest number of registrations since 2012.

Run by the Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS), AGES celebrated 20 consecutive years in 2019 with more than 250 delegates, making it the most highly attended AGES in the last seven years.

Many delegates celebrated their own milestones, having attended more than 10 or 15 AGES events over the years.

The department’s Dot Close, Director Regional Geoscience, received a special mention at the AGES dinner for having attended all 20 AGES events. She said the main change she has noticed over the last two decades is the increased enthusiasm from industry to present their findings at AGES.

“Explorers active in the NT are increasingly requesting to present and share their geoscientific findings at AGES, which is a real tribute to their respect for the event,” she said.

“Many explorers have said it’s the best event of its kind in Australia.”

Dot said AGES is an important opportunity for those in the resources sector.

“Experts present on a wide range of topics that can help companies target their exploration and find their next big project,” she said.

“The information shared is also important in terms of attracting new companies to invest in exploration in the NT, while many companies attend AGES for the fantastic networking opportunities it offers.”

This year’s AGES included three pre‑AGES workshops, including one by the Mines Division on the recent changes made to streamline exploration mining management plans.

Presentations from NTGS staff, industry and researchers followed, during which they shared the latest geoscience information and data.

The Mining Services Expo, which runs alongside AGES, was also a success, showcasing the capabilities of NT businesses.

AGES remains one of the nation’s most well‑regarded exploration seminars, and attracts major players from the exploration sector across Australia.


Last updated: 23 October 2019

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