Feature: Fisheries inspector training ramps up

More Aboriginal rangers are working towards becoming fisheries inspectors with the help of the Fisheries Division.

In March 2019, 14 marine rangers from seven different ranger groups successfully completed the Certificate II in Fisheries Compliance run by the Australian Maritime and Fisheries. It teaches rangers how to perform patrols and reporting, and gives them the compliance skills they need to act as eyes and ears for the NT Water Police in remote locations across the NT.

“They were able to get hands‑on training, and learn from experts who work in the NT Water Police, Fisheries Aquatic Biosecurity team, Fisheries Marine Ranger team, and Parks and Wildlife,” said Evan Needham, Manager Marine Rangers.

“Several of the students who completed their Certificate II said they intended to continue with  their training and become fisheries inspectors. This training provides a pathway for Aboriginal Territorians to achieve nationally recognised qualifications while carrying out a role that helps protect their country.”

The achievement of the 14 students follows the appointment of the first six Aboriginal rangers as fisheries inspectors in May 2018. They had completed their Certificate II and Certificate III in Fisheries Compliance run by the Fisheries Division and the NT Water Police.

The department supports the Fisheries Compliance training in a number of ways. In October 2018, the department provided funding for the North Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance, an Aboriginal‑led not‑for‑profit, to produce new training resources. This included guides, freshwater pest identification cards and teaching manuals.

The department’s Media and Communications Branch also worked with the Fisheries Division to produce videos about the Marine Ranger training. The video, which was posted to the Fisheries NT Facebook  page, received 5,896 views, 894 engagements and 30 shares.


Last updated: 23 October 2019

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