Information management

The Northern Territory Information Act 2002 combines freedom of information (FOI), privacy and records  management legislation. It provides the framework for how the department collects, uses and stores government and personal information.

Under section 11, the department publishes the following information at least once per calendar year in a document, database or any other material form. It must be available in at least one of those forms for inspection and purchase by members of the public.

Table 4.5 Information Act 2002 reporting requirements

Requirement under subsection 11(1) of the Information Act 2002Availability
Structure and functionsChapter 1 Our department and Chapter 4 Corporate Governance in this report.
A description of the types of government information held and specific information about inspection of the information and charges levied (if any).The department produces a wide range of information available free of charge from its website:
A description of procedures for providing access to information under Part 3 of the Information Act 2002 (Access and correction rights) including who to make an initial enquiry to and how to lodge a request.

There is no application fee for personal information.

For other types of information there is an application fee of  $30 (including GST) that must be made before an application is accepted.

In addition to application fees (if any), search, processing and copying fees apply to all applications.

A description of procedures for correcting information under the above Part, including who to make an initial enquiry to and how to lodge an application.Further information regarding procedures for correcting information can be obtained upon request.

The department also receives requests for information that could be dealt with under normal administrative processes. This is the preferred method for information to be obtained and these requests are not included in Table 4.5.

During 2018‑19, the department received three formal access applications for government and personal information under the Information Act 2002. Table 4.6 provides statistical data about these applications and trends over the previous two years.

Table 4.6 Formal access applications under the Information Act 2002

Type of request2016-172017-182018-19
Applications received this year22143
Carried over from previous year416
Transferred 010
Carried forward into next year166
Internal review, finalised130


The department’s privacy policy is available on request. No privacy complaints were received in 2018‑19.

Details about how to apply for access to any of the information available under reporting requirements can be obtained by contacting the department’s Information Officer.

Information  officer

Department of Primary Industry and Resources
GPO BOX 3000
Phone: 08 8999 2314


Last updated: 23 October 2019

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