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The Economic Impact of Gambling on the Northern Territory


The NT Community Benefit Fund Committee commissioned a consortium led by Charles Darwin University (CDU) to undertake a series of research projects into the impacts of gambling in the Northern Territory, with particular reference to the impacts of electronic gaming machines on the Territory.  

As part of this research program, CDU engaged ACIL Tasman to undertake an assessment of the nature and the extent of the economic impacts. 

This report outlines the results that were obtained in the course of this work.

In 2004-05 punters staked $4.0 billion on commercial gambling services that were produced in the Northern Territory. Just over 93% of the total was returned to successful punters in the form of winnings. The balance - termed the player expenditure - was used to meet the costs of supplying these services, including the profits earned by the producers. In 2004-05 the player expenditure in the Territory amounted to $272.4 million, which represented a slight decrease in real terms over the previous year.

ACIL Tasman estimated that the annual turnover on the gambling industries in the Territory approached $0.5 billion in 2003-04 and in 2004-05. This included the turnover from non-gambling sources - such as the sale of meals, beverages and entertainment - but excluded the turnover of those organisations in the relevant industries which did not operate gambling facilities. 


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Last updated: 16 May 2016

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