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Study of Gambling in the Northern Territory 1996-1997


The Northern Territory Government commissioned work to be done in response to recommendations of the report of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly Select Committee on Effects of Poker Machines in Community Venues. That report was tabled in Parliament in February 1995.

A major recommendation was to conduct a baseline study into the extent and effects of gambling in the Northern Territory. That work was subsequently undertaken by the Australian Institute of Gambling Research and conducted from January 1996 to December 1997. The investigators were Professor Jan McMillen and Ms Samantha Togni.

A report was produced and presented to government in 2000. Attached is the baseline account of gambling and related impacts that were identified by that research.

The passage of time means the material is dated. However the information is still important for putting more contemporary studies in context and to give some continuity to appreciating gambling and its effects in the Northern Territory. The report is now being made publicly available as information for interested persons and other researchers.

It is significant that there was a delay between the data collection and the final report received by government, as intervening events would also date interpretation of the results and the design of appropriate responses. There have been further changes since then too - transfer of ownership of gaming machines from government to private interests, election of a new Territory government, population variations and tourism fluctuations in the wake of local and global factors, technological advances, Commonwealth Government interventions on gambling and improved research methodologies for assessing gambling patterns and issues.

In light of these concerns and qualifications, the results are offered without official analysis or response. Their value lies in providing insight into gambling as it occurred in the mid-1990s.


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Last updated: 16 May 2016

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