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Voluntary Implementation of the NT Code of Practice for Responsible Gambling


The Northern Territory Responsible Gambling Code of Practice was launched in April 2003.

It was designed to promote the adoption of best practice in the provision of responsible gambling and represents the first local attempt to provide a systematic approach to the issue. A series of training initiatives were subsequently provided for many of the different gambling sectors to aid implementation.

A review was undertaken between 30 September 2004 and 30 November 2004 to assess the extent to which practices recommended in the code had been implemented by gambling providers.

The review collected information via a questionnaire that was distributed to 131 gambling outlets and from site visits to a random sample of outlets that returned completed questionnaires. The outlets included casinos, clubs, hotel / tavern, lottery outlets, TAB / oncourse, internet sports bookmakers and bookmakers.

The average rate of voluntary compliance was estimated to be 77% for the industry as a whole. But compliance varied across different sectors of the gambling industry and markedly from one provider to another in any particular sector. The compliance across different sectors was found to be higher for the sectors under more stringent regulation for gambling.

While there were several recommended practices that were not widely supported across any of the different sectors, there was variation between the sectors in the practices that were adopted.


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Last updated: 16 May 2016

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