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Northern Territory Gambling Prevalence Survey 2005


This report presents the results of the first prevalence survey of gambling and problem gambling in the NT, conducted during August and September of 2005. Its purpose is to inform policy makers, industry, and the community at large about the nature and impacts of gambling in the NT. As such it is a baseline study which seeks not only to describe current patterns, but also to act as the cornerstone on which a future gambling research agenda may be constructed. The timing of the report is particularly relevant as it charts the NT gambling landscape exactly 10 years after the first poker machines were introduced into hotels and clubs.

This report is specifically concerned with the prevalence of gambling and problem gambling in the NT. It focuses explicitly on the results of the prevalence survey along with a detailed socio-spatial analysis of trends in poker machine gambling over the past decade.


For further information about this report or to access a hard copy:

Licensing NT
Department of Attorney-General and Justice
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Last updated: 16 May 2016

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