Karl starts Traineeship with Plant Industry Development

Teagan Alexander, Technical Officer, Katherine

For years traineeships have been used for introducing people to the workforce. It’s a way for people to be employed and at the same time gain a qualification. Many employers use traineeships as a way of finding employees and the financial incentives that go with utilising trainees. For Plant Industries team member Karl Bourne it’s a way to continue employment within the Department of Primary Industry and Fisheries.

Over the next three years Karl will be completing a Certificate III in Rural Operations through CDU. The course will cover tractor maintenance and operation, learning about plants and cultivation, and some aspects of construction.

“Traineeships are an entry point into employment and provide an amount of on and off the job training and other support that is not typically provided in conventional employment. It enables employers to access support that they might not otherwise be able to access,” says Teresa Cummings of NARMCO, a small business assisting Indigenous landholders and pastoralists who want to increase the economic return from their lands.

Traineeships are available in a wide range of occupations including administration, Indigenous health, trades and rangers. Institutions such as Charles Darwin University (CDU) and Group Training NT can provide the necessary qualifications, and opportunities for trainees may be sourced through the Community Development Fund together with Jobfind and Kalano Farms.

According to John Jansen, also of NARMCO, pastoral industry traineeships have been used to fill employment short falls however not without some kinks. Issues such as low retention rates have been addressed through foundation training, resulting in more productivity more quickly and the establishment of a support base for trainees through formal training sessions and mentors.

Together with the Plant Industries team, Karl’s mentor will be tracking his progress towards qualification and is looking forward to continuing working with Karl over the course of his traineeship.

Figure 5: Karl deflasking bananas as part of Stage 3 of the Banana Freckle Program 

Figure 5: Karl deflasking bananas as part of Stage 3 of the Banana Freckle Program

Last updated: 21 April 2016

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