Are you up for the 2019 MLA phosphorus challenge?

Do you want to be part of MLA phosphorus challenge? MLA are  looking for 100 producers willing to participate in blood sampling of nominated  mobs to determine their P status. It will lead to an assessment of the P status  of northern herds and help demonstrate that supplantation provides a cost  benefit.

To be eligible, producers must be able to:

Yard stock at a time nominated for sampling OR can organise  a technician, extension officer or vet to collect the samples during routine  husbandry practices before mid June 2019.

  • Have adequate stock handling equipment, such as  a vet crush.
  • Have young breeders, heifers OR steers on a good  plane of nutrition.

Producers should also meet at least two of the  following criteria:

  • Have cattle grazing in a known P deficient  region OR an old cropping paddock.
  • Steers/heifers achieving annual growth of less  than 120kg OR a record of poor reproductive performance.
  • Understand they’re managing P deficient country  and feed P (but want to know if supplementation is sufficient).
  • New to the industry and keen to manage any P  deficiency to improve production.

Interest needs to be registered by  14 April 2019.

For more information about the P  Challenge contact:

Meg Humphrys
Pastoral Extension Officer – Alice Springs

Last updated: 10 April 2019

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