COVID 19 restrictions

Remote communities in the Northern Territory have been closed to all non-essential travel in response to concerns about the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Only approved remote essential workers can visit these designated areas.

Commercial primary production and operations ancillary to primary production, including aquaculture and agribusiness have been determined to be essential activities. If you are required to deliver essential activities in designated areas, you must apply for an approved remote essential worker status.

Pastoral estates are not designated areas. Where residents of pastoral estates and the essential workers operating there have to pass through designated areas in order to gain access to pastoral leases, they do not have to complete the designated area compliance form at biosecurity checkpoints but must provide

  • a letter from the station manager or owner which identifies you are living or working on the pastoral estate or other proof of residence such as a driver’s licence, to identify and prove that they are a resident or worker of the pastoral lease and
  • a form of personal identification such as a driver’s licence.

For more information go to the Coronavirus website.

Last updated: 28 May 2020

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