Fisheries-related publications are designed to communicate scientific information at different levels - from the complex scientific to the sort of information used by the general public.

All publications can be found by searching the online publications library and downloaded for free.

They can also be ordered from the department for a fee - see below.

Many ornamental aquarium fish are not found naturally in the Northern Territory. If non-native fish are released into freshwater lakes, billabongs, creeks or rivers they may become pests and seriously damage our delicate aquatic environments.

The new Freshwater Pest Identification Guide been developed as an educational tool for Aboriginal marine rangers undertaking the Certificate II and Certificate III Fisheries Compliance course. The guides will be part of a sampling kit that aims to assist in development of skills and knowledge for participants.

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The Northern Territory (NT) has one of the world’s most intact marine environments and is home to an array of marine species protected under international agreements and national legislations.

The new Marine protected species in the Northern Territory: Identification guide has been compiled by the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Fisheries Division (NT Fisheries). The guide will help you identify some of the Territory’s common marine protected species, ranging from sawfish to sea snakes, sea turtles to large marine mammals.

Correctly identifying protected species provides valuable information about populations within Territory waters.

Fishnotes are written to relay a specific point or recommend practices to the public and industry eg control of an aquatic pest or disease, aquaculture practices and fishing.

They are generally one to 10 pages in length.

Fishery reports look similar to fishnotes.

They are written to communicate a package of technical and/or scientific information which covers more than one concept.

Although directed at a scientific audience, the reports are written so as to be easily understood by the general public.

Technotes are written for the interest, distribution and circulation to those in a similar field of  fisheries.

They usually report preliminary results of experiments, interesting facets of experiments or results obtained from a specific experiment. They require a certain level of scientific knowledge in order to be useful.

They are generally one to 10 pages in length.

Most publications can be found by searching the online publications library and downloaded for free.

They can also be ordered from the department for a fee.


Technical Publications
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Most commercial fishing vessels in the Northern Territory are now operating using a vessel monitoring system (VMS). The VMS provides information about a vessel’s location in real time. These guidelines relate to the use of VMS information, how to temporarily switch off VMS units, and how to apply to  manually report while at sea.

Get the VMS guideline and vessel tracking authorisation form.

VMS in Northern Territory fisheries guideline PDF (191.9 KB)

Online vessel tracking authorisation form - on completion the form will be submitted to Australian Fisheries Management Authority.

View a video to help you complete the online form on the Australian Government's Australian Fisheries Management Authority website.

Vessel tracking authorisation form PDF (337.8 KB)
Vessel tracking authorisation form DOCX (185.6 KB)

Get the VMS temporary switch-off guideline and form.

VMS temporary switch-off guideline PDF (163.9 KB)
VMS temporary switch-off guideline DOCX (70.0 KB)

Application for VMS temporary switch-off PDF (499.3 KB)
Application for VMS temporary switch-off DOCX (61.5 KB)

Get the VMS manual reporting procedures guideline PDF (139.1 KB)

Last updated: 06 September 2021

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