Agnotes, technotes and technical bulletins

You can access most publications by searching the online publications library.

Agnotes are written to relay a specific point or recommend practices to the public and industry eg control of an aquatic pest or disease, aquaculture practices and fishing.

They are generally one to 10 pages in length and can be downloaded or ordered for no cost - see address below.

Technotes are written for the interest, distribution and circulation to those in a similar field of  agriculture, horticulture or pastoral industries.

They usually report preliminary results of experiments, interesting facets of experiments or results obtained from a specific experiment. They require a certain level of scientific knowledge in order to be useful.

They are generally one to 10 pages in length and can be downloaded or ordered for no cost.

Technical bulletins are substantial publications that are written to communicate a package of technical and/or scientific information which covers more than one concept.

Although directed at a scientific audience, the reports are written so as to be easily understood by the general public.


Technical Publications
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Last updated: 17 October 2022

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