Fisheries resource sharing framework

The Northern Territory (NT) Fisheries resource sharing framework provides a strategic, transparent and consistent approach to guide government decision making on sharing the NT’s fisheries resources in accordance with the NT Fisheries Act.

The primary purpose of the framework is to optimise the use of the resource for the benefit of the community and to enable equitable and fair access to the NT's fisheries resources.

Sustainability concerns may be considered under the framework, but the framework will not interfere with the government’s capacity to act to resolve sustainability issues.

The framework is consistent with national guidelines around best practice for fisheries management and was developed by an expert technical panel that included people knowledgeable in commercial fisheries, recreational angling, fishing tourism and Indigenous aquatic resource use issues.

All future fisheries management decisions associated with aquatic resource sharing will be made in alignment with the framework to give users of the resource confidence in the process.

View the fishery resource sharing framework PDF (2.5 MB).

Last updated: 02 March 2016

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