1. Objectives and funding

The Department of Primary Industry and Resources works in partnership with key industry sectors to enable continuous growth and development of the NT economy. The department maintains and drives development of the NT’s regions, coastal areas, agriculture, minerals and energy resources through:

  1. research and extension
  2. market development and investment attraction
  3. policy development
  4. regulation
  5. tenure and license administration.

The department also has broad regulatory responsibilities for plant, animal and aquatic biosecurity, animal welfare, agricultural and veterinary chemicals, mineral and energy activities, and ensuring sustainable management and licensing of fishing activities.

Additional information in relation to the department and its principal activities can be found in Chapter 1 of the annual report.

The department is predominantly funded by, and is dependent on, the receipt of Parliamentary appropriations. The financial statements encompass all funds through which the department controls resources to carry on its functions and deliver outputs.

For reporting purposes, outputs delivered by the department are summarised into several output groups. Note 3 provides summarised financial information in the form of a comprehensive operating statement by the output groups.

Output groups:

  • Agriculture
  • Biosecurity and animal welfare
  • Fisheries
  • Resource industry development
  • Mining services
  • Energy services
  • Corporate and governance


Last updated: 23 October 2019

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