Territory inbound worker strategy 2019 to 2028

This strategy adopts a collaborative approach to attract and support newcomers, migrants and international students, to strengthen the economic and social vibrancy of the Territory.

This strategy links the attraction, advocacy and support elements of existing strategies to maximise efforts, cooperation and innovation.

Connecting strategies to ensure a coordinated and forward-looking approach is the key to success.

This strategy also aligns with:

This strategy focuses on the attraction and retention of people from elsewhere in Australia, overseas migrants and humanitarian entrants, by promoting the Territory in key markets, and enhancing programs to support newcomers.

It encourages welcoming communities and diversity, and strengthens settlement and retention services.

This strategy also focuses on the attraction and support of international students, who are an important potential workforce source.

Growing student numbers will give Territory businesses access to a diverse workforce.

Strengthening and aligning efforts to grow and support a skilled workforce

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  • Raise the profile of the Territory as a desirable place to live, work and study by diversifying marketing channels to meet target audience
  • Showcase the Territory as a study destination
  • Focus international attraction strategies on countries with pre-existing established communities in the Territory
  • Introduce a contemporary digital marketing program to reach target audience
  • Develop tactical market entry guides to enhance interaction with targeted countries
  • Continue the delivery of financial incentives to targeted interstate migrants
  • Expand the study tour market.
  • Advocate for changes to skilled migration programs and visa schemes, to reflect Territory workforce needs
  • Embrace innovation in developing policies and programs focused on improving attraction and retention of migrants
  • Work in partnership with the Australian Government for a sustainable humanitarian intake for the Territory
  • Encourage business uptake of the Seasonal Worker Program and the Pacific Labour Scheme
  • Connect international students to potential employers to facilitate mutually beneficial employment outcomes
  • Value and encourage the entrepreneurship skills in our multicultural community to contribute to the economy and create jobs
  • Affirm a commitment to multiculturalism, by promoting diversity, fair access, participation and mutual respect.
  • Establish a pilot Skills Recognition Centre to enable newcomers and migrants to utilise their skills and qualifications
  • Expand opportunities for English language testing to support individuals to live and work in the Territory
  • Develop welcome packages for newcomers to facilitate settlement and integration into the Territory community
  • Recognise and support multicultural events and festivals to strengthen mutual respect and social cohesion
  • Enrich the Territory international student experience by creating a safe and welcoming living, studying and working environment
  • Continue to fund programs and services to support the Territory’s diverse multicultural communities
  • Support businesses to capitalise on the Designated Area Migration Agreement to attract skilled migrants to shortage occupations.
  • Interstate migrants
  • International migrants
  • International students
  • Territory businesses
  • Multicultural community groups and organisations
  • Peak industry associations
  • Northern Territory (NT) Government agencies
  • Australian Government
  • Non-government organisations
  • Registered training organisations
  • NT international education and training providers.
  • Expands labour and skill availability
  • Grows the economy as more goods and services are required
  • Expands the local consumption market through increased spending (multiplier effect)
  • Generates jobs
  • Encourages investment
  • Increases the tax and revenue base
  • Increases tourism (visiting friends and relatives)
  • Brings diversity, new skills, knowledge, ideas and innovation
  • Encourages chain migration
  • Creates global connections.
  • Keeps services viable (such as schools and health services)
  • Enhances city and neighbourhood development
  • Increases capacity for volunteers
  • Fosters social enterprise and initiative
  • Stimulates variety of entertainment activity
  • Encourages more amenities
  • Supports a culturally diverse, vibrant population
  • Builds community resilience
  • Raises cultural capital and builds cultural competence.

Strategy events will be flexible and will accommodate change according to market conditions.

Many 2020 planned actions and events have been cancelled/postponed due to COVID-19.

Date Action/Event Outcome
29-31 January 2020 Small Business Workshop for entrepreneurs - Darwin Support
5 February 2020 Multicultural Policy for the Northern Territory 2020-2025 public consultation session, Alice Springs Support
14 February 2020 Multicultural Policy for the Northern Territory 2020-2025 “Have your say” survey closes Support
26 February 2020 Minister for Workforce and Training’s welcome reception for international students, Parliament House Support
February 2020
Business and Investment Migration Attraction, Skilled and Semi-skilled Migration Attraction – Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore Attraction
March 2020
Business and Investment Migration Attraction, Skilled and Semi-skilled Migration Attraction – China, Hong Kong Attraction
8 March 2020 StudyNT Student Ambassador applications close Support
22 March 2020 to 4 April 2020
Austrade LATAM Study Australia Showcase 2020 - Latin America Attraction
2 April 2020 StudyNT Student Ambassador Professional Development Session 1 – Welcome and commencement Support
18 - 21 April 2020
National Worker Attraction - Adelaide, Melbourne, Dandenong Attraction
April 2020
Study NT Mission to China Attraction
30 April 2020 StudyNT Student Ambassador Professional Development Session 2 – How to be a great Ambassador Support
1 May 2020
International House (IH) Study Abroad Conference – Sydney Attraction
9 May 2020
Big Day Out in Harmony – Alice Springs Support
21 May 2020 StudyNT Student Ambassador Professional Development Session 3 - Social Media Support
30 May 2020
Darwin Waterfront Harmony Soiree Support
30 - 31 May 2020
Study Australia Japan – Education Exhibition – Tokyo & Osaka Attraction
May 2020
National Worker Attraction – Perth Attraction
12 June 2020 Multicultural Policy for the Northern Territory 2020-2025 released Support
17 - 19 June 2020
International Consultants Education Fair (ICEF) Southeast Asia – Vietnam Attraction
July 2020
Council of International Students of Australia Conference – TBC Attraction/Support
20 August 2020* StudyNT Student Ambassador Professional Development Session 4 - Networking and public speaking Support
August 2020
National Worker Attraction, International Consultants Education Fair (ICEF) Australia and NZ Agents Recruitment – Study NT & Migration NT - Adelaide Attraction
August 2020
Commonwealth, States and Territories International Education and Training Forum – Darwin Attraction/Support
17 September 2020 * StudyNT Student Ambassador Professional Development Session 5 - Resume writing and interview techniques Support
24-26 September 2020
International Consultants Education Fair (ICEF) Latin America - Brazil Attraction
26-27 September 2020
Australian Future Unlimited Education Exhibition (AFUEE) Attraction
October 2020
SYMPLED Symposium on Leading Education Recruitment – Canberra Attraction
12 October 2020 * Study NT Agent briefing – Brisbane Attraction
13-16 October 2020
Australian International Education Conference – Gold Coast Attraction
14-16 October 2020
International Consultants Education Fair (ICEF) Asia - China Attraction
November 2020
International Consultants Education Fair (ICEF) Berlin - Germany Attraction

* Indicates tentative event, the calendar is subject to change.

Implementation will be monitored and evaluated to determine whether the strategy has delivered aligned efforts in attraction, advocacy and support for newcomers, international students and existing migrants.

Last updated: 25 August 2020

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