Darwin seafood processing facility scoping study final report

The Northern Territory Government engaged KPMG to undertake a scoping study for a common user seafood processing facility in Darwin and to maximise the value of local seafood catches.

The Territory has a vibrant well established fishing hub in Darwin and the Territory’s seafood produce is highly prized for its product integrity and quality, and supported by strong biosecurity systems.

At present there is limited seafood processing in the Territory with the majority of our local seafood sent to southern states for processing.

KPMG published their findings in the final report which include:

  • a processing facility presents an opportunity to build a resilient and vibrant industry and promote consistency and quality of product, greater exports, industry co-operation, branding co-development as well as research and development
  • the recommended development approach was for high value, low volume, high quality products that are mainly export focused - in particular black jewfish and barramundi (wild-caught) bladders, pearl meat, trepang and to some extent pelagic species with a range of other species that could be smoked or turned into high-value niche products
  • government and industry should continue to co-ordinate and facilitate the discussions required to move forward with an industry driven project.

Get a copy of the Darwin seafood processing facility scoping study PDF (3.9 MB).

For an alternative copy of the report phone 08 8999 1992.

Last updated: 24 February 2021

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