Community impact analysis reports

Pursuant to section 24A (a new licence application) and section 41B (application for an increase) an application is required to publish notice of their application in a newspaper stipulated by the Director-General of Licensing. 

Among other things, the notice must contain details of where community impact analysis (CIA) may be obtained, and that a person may make a written submission to the Director General within 30 days of the notice first being published. 

To assist members of the public who wish to obtain the CIA information prior to making a submission, the CIAs are published with commercial in confidence material redacted.

Send submissions by email to

Go to the  Northern Territory Government website for information about how to prepare a community impact analysis.

Published community impact analyses

All community impact analyses will be published below for at least 30 days.


Email for alternative versions of the above documents.

Last updated: 15 December 2017

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