Advertised liquor licence applications

For liquor licence applications from some applicants seeking a new liquor licence, or licensees seeking to make variations or changes to their current liquor licence there are requirements to notify the public of the application.

Application process

All applicants seeking a new liquor licence, or licensees seeking to make an application concerning their current liquor licence are required to make an application to the Director of Liquor Licensing.

In compliance with the Liquor Act 2019, some of those applications are required to be published.

Current liquor licence applications are published below.

Applications Objection period ends
No applications currently listed.  


Pursuant to the Liquor Act 2019 an objection may only be made in relation to a liquor licence application on the grounds that the application would adversely affect:

  • the amenity of the neighbourhood of the licensed premises or proposed licensed premises, or
  • the health, education, public safety or social conditions in the community of the licensed premises or proposed licensed premises, or
  • that the applicant is not a fit and proper person.

Who can make an objection

With some exceptions for local and Territory government agencies, the persons who may lodge an objection against an application is limited to the owner or occupier of land and persons who reside or work in the neighbourhood of the premises or proposed premises, or a charity or a community-based organisation or body.

How to make an objection

Objections to an application must be lodged in writing and lodged within 14 days of the commencement date of the objection period to the Director of Liquor Licensing, by email to or by mail to GPO Box 1154, Darwin NT 0801.

The director may shorten or extend the objection period in certain circumstances.

Objections must set out the grounds of objections and contain any other supporting evidence or documentation that an objector may wish to include to support their objection.

After you submit an objection

The Liquor Act 2019 requires the Director of Liquor Licensing to inform the applicant of the substance of any objection.

This will include the identity and where relevant the address of the objector.

The applicant may then make a response to the objection.

All objections and any responses are then referred to the Liquor Commission for a decision of the application.

Objectors may be required to attend the Liquor Commission to present their objection or be questioned upon it, either by the Liquor Commission and/or the applicant.


For information regarding an application or how to make an objection in relation to a current application listed above, email Licensing NT at

Last updated: 28 April 2022

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