Recognition of prior learning policy

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is an integral component of the vocational education and training (VET) system in Australia. In the Northern Territory (NT), RPL includes recognition of current competency; it does not include credit transfer.

RPL provides a mechanism for recognising skills and knowledge (competence) that a person already has, regardless of how, when or where the learning occurred.


A registered training organisation (RTO) that has a training contract (previously known as a resource agreement) with the NT Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade - Workforce NT to deliver VET may utilise its allocated annual hours curriculum (AHC) for RPL under the General Recurrent Program at 100% of the nominal AHC rate. In some instances, such as for eligible existing workers, RPL may be allocated from AHC under the User Choice Funding Program.

An application may be made to the department for RPL funding for specific activity related to strategic NT Government priorities.

RPL activity is to be reported through the RTO AVETMISS submission detailed in the training contract.

An RTO may offer RPL on a fee-for-service basis.

To provide Territorians with the opportunity to have their informal learning or non-accredited training recognised and counted towards a national qualification or statement of attainment.

The responsibility for developing and maintaining this policy rests with the director of Training Services.

The executive director of Workforce NT is responsible for approving the level of financial assistance to be provided and this policy document.

Recognition of prior learning - The acknowledgement of a person’s skills and knowledge acquired through previous training, work or life experience, which may be used to grant recognition in a qualification, course, module or unit of competency.

Recognition of current competencies (or RCC) - The acknowledgement of competencies currently held by a person, acquired through training, work or life experience. More commonly known as recognition of prior learning.

Credit transfer - The granting of status or credit by an institution or training organisation to students for modules (subjects) or units of competency completed at the same or another institution or training organisation.

Registered training organisations

An RTO must have scope of registration to assess the qualifications / courses as registered with the national VET regulator.


An RTO must comply with the current national VET regulators standards for registered training organisations.

RPL activity will be monitored through the AVETMISS submissions and analysis of early completions of apprentices and trainees.

This policy will be reviewed annually.

Signed on 19 September 2012 by:

Kim Jenkinson
Executive Director
Workforce NT

Last updated: 05 June 2019

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