Apprenticeship and traineeship travel and accommodation subsidy scheme policy

In accordance with the user choice funding policy, any apprentice or trainee may undertake off the job training with the registered training organisation (RTO) of their choice. This is regardless of whether training is conducted in the apprentice or trainee’s locality, or away from home.

Employers and apprentices or trainees who voluntarily choose off the job training away from home when the service is available locally, will have to meet any additional cost associated with this training.

This includes any travel and accommodation expense as well as any additional costs over and above the funding provided by Department of  Industry, Tourism and Trade for the provision of RTO services.

Where the only practical option available for some apprentices or trainees is to undertake off the job training away from home, either in the Northern Territory (NT) or in another state or territory, apprentices / trainees may be eligible for financial assistance under the Travel and Accommodation Subsidy Scheme.

The department provides financial assistance to subsidise the costs associated with travel and accommodation incurred by NT apprentices and trainees funded through the User Choice Program, if the off-the-job training component in relation to their contract of training is not provided by a RTO near their home or workplace.

Eligible apprentices and trainees may claim:

  • a travel subsidy for travel between the place of residence and the centre at which the off-the-job training is conducted
  • a transfer subsidy to assist with the cost of travel between the airport or bus terminal and the accommodation
  • an accommodation subsidy.

The department reserves the right to negotiate with RTOs to explore the potential of providing travel and accommodation subsidies to allow for the off the job training to be delivered on site.



All apprentices and trainees registered in the NT whose training is funded under user choice, who live more than 50 km (one way) from the nearest RTO that provides the off the job training for their qualification are eligible to claim assistance.

Eligible apprentices and trainees who are residents of the NT and continue their training while out of their trade due to suspension or cancellation may also be eligible to claim assistance.

School based apprentices and trainees who have to travel within the NT to attend off the job training for their qualification are eligible to claim assistance. All arrangements made are required to be endorsed by the school based apprentices and trainees school principal and parent / guardian.

Parents, guardians and schools are responsible for ensuring appropriate accommodation and supervision arrangements are in place for school based apprentices and trainees required to travel to attend training.

School based apprentices and trainees are not eligible to travel interstate for off the job training in relation to their apprenticeship or traineeship.


The amount paid for travel and accommodation is designed to be a contribution towards the cost of travel and accommodation rather than a reimbursement of all costs. It is expected that the apprentice, trainee or employer will pay the remaining balance of the travel and accommodation costs.

The travel and accommodation subsidy is only available for a maximum of four interstate travel claims per calendar year.


Road - 50 cents per kilometre (>50km one way).

Bus - full cost of bus fare (50km to 1,000km one way).

Air - subsidy as calculated by the Australian Apprenticeships Support Network provider based on discounted airfares published by travel providers.

Where an apprentice or trainee chooses to drive to the centre where the training will occur, the subsidy will be equivalent to 50 cents per kilometre or the cost of commercial transport (whichever is the lesser). No transfer subsidy is available in this instance.


An apprentice or trainee can claim a subsidy to assist with the cost of travel between the airport or bus terminal and accommodation.

  • intrastate travel $33
  • interstate travel $55.


An apprentice may claim an accommodation subsidy of $350 for a full week (seven days) and $50 for each extra day. This includes weekends when attending block release training of more than one week.

Claiming the subsidy

Arranging the travel and accommodation is a shared responsibility between the employer, the apprentice or trainee and the parent / guardian. Employers and RTOs may be able to offer advice on possible accommodation venues and assist the apprentice or trainee with bookings.

The Australian Apprenticeships Support Network provider processes applications for travel and accommodation subsidies on behalf of the department. Travel and Accommodation Subsidy claim forms and information sheets are available from the Australian Apprenticeships Support Network provider.

Subsidies received by apprentices and trainees for one block release are to be acquitted prior to claiming and receiving subsidies for the next.

The Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider will process claims made retrospectively, up to six months after completion of block training. Claims outside this period may be considered by the department on a case by case basis.

Individual claims may be negotiated by the Australian Apprenticeships Support Network provider on a case by case basis with apprentices and trainees where there are changes to travel and accommodation requirements as a result of late call up notices from training providers, changes to block release dates, multi-destination travel requirements or other extenuating circumstances.

The responsibility for developing and maintaining this policy rests with the director of Training Services.

The executive director of Workforce NT is responsible for approving the level of financial assistance provided and this policy.

This policy will be reviewed annually.

Signed on 7 August 2015 by:

Wendi Masters
Executive Director
Workforce NT

Last updated: 05 June 2019

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