Gas service and supply plan: Winnellie Hydraulics

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[Various trade / apprenticeship people at work throughout the video]

[Max Nicholson on screen and voiceover]

On screen text: Max Nicholson - General Manager, Winnellie Hydraulics

Max: Winnellie Hydraulics is a supply and service provider to the mining and oil and gas industry.

We’ve been around for 35 years and plan on being around for many more to come.

From supply and offtake hoses to bolting equipment to pumps, valves, gauges, filters, if it’s got pressure in it or it moves, we get involved.

[Cameron McEwin on screen and voiceover]

On screen text: Cameron McEwin - Business Development and Support Manager, Winnellie Hydraulics

Cameron: We believe Winnellie Hydraulics has been successful because we have had the ability to invest back into our company, in terms of infrastructure, also investing into our hire fleet, which has given us a huge amount of capability, and also our people.

[Max on screen and voiceover]

Max: Year on year we’re investing in our own team to make sure that they’ve got the capabilities to support the industry.

[Image of Richard Nicholson and his wife in the early years, Richard on screen and voiceover]

On screen text: Richard Nicholson - Founder, Winnellie Hydraulics

Richard: We arrived in Darwin in 1983, within three months we started Winnellie Hydraulics, built it up from nothing to where it is now, which is incredible.

[Images of Winnellie Hydraulic premises over the years]

Richard: In 2015, we handed the reigns over to my son and it’s just continuing to grow.

[Max on screen and voiceover]

Max: We can see the operators really want businesses like us to succeed, if they’re not operating they’re losing money, so we will move heaven and earth to make sure that happens.

[Iain Garvin on screen and voiceover]

On screen text: Iain Garvin - Valve and Process Manager, Winnellie Hydraulics

Iain: It’s really important for us to work with high end-to-end users like INPEX.

As the only supplier of valves in the Northern Territory for high process gas allocations, it’s very important from our perspective to make sure that we maintain that relationship and maintain that trust.

[Max on screen and voiceover]

Max: It’s a huge hats off, the support they’ve given us to bring our business up to their level so that we can support them.

[Cameron on screen and voiceover]

Cameron: Working with someone like INPEX has given us the capability to employee more staff, put apprentices on, buy trucks, other bits of plant.

[Max on screen and voiceover]

Max: It’s also contributions that we can now make to the community in terms of donations and charity work as well, which is awesome.

There’s been a lot of help along the way for us as a small business in the NT, the government was definitely a big supporter, Energy Club and the Chamber of Commerce have definitely played a role as well.

They’re looking to build capability locally in Darwin, without that we wouldn’t be where we are.

If you can understand the opportunity and provide a practical solution, there will be opportunities coming your way.

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Last updated: 10 March 2020

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