Katherine Research Station and Douglas Daly Research Farm field days

Region: Greater Darwin, Katherine Region, Barkly Region, Central Australia | Topic: Livestock, Horticulture
May 2021

Attendees in paddock at Douglas Daly Research Farm

Caption: Field day presentation in the paddock at Douglas Daly Research Farm.

The Northern Territory Department of Industry Tourism and Trade (DITT) recently hosted two agricultural field events at the Katherine Research Station and the Douglas Daly Research Farm (DDRF) in April 2021.

The field days were designed for attendees to be immersed in informative presentations, hands-on farm paddock tours and trade displays. There were over 70 attendees who received information about the latest developments in the agricultural industry. These included farm diversification options such as the emerging cropping sector, and more sustainable and efficient cattle production that could reduce calf loss and increase fertility.

There was much interest and discussion around the presentations by Dr Marina Fortes and Dr Kimberley Wocker around the PhenoBank Project, Arthur Cameron talking on rainfall, land condition and pasture growth, and viewing the bulls and breeding females to be included in the upcoming DITT Annual Bull Sale in July. The paddock presentation by DITT Research Officer Tim Schatz regarding grazing gamba grass was also of great interest as well as calf loss which DITT’s Dr Kieren McCosker, Tim Schatz and Melissa Wooderson spoke on.

A livestock export delegation consisting of Mr Luke Bowen, Deputy CEO, Agriculture and Fisheries, DITT, Dr Susanne Fitzpatrick, Chief Veterinary Officer, DITT, Dr Melissa McEwen, First Assistant Secretary, DAWE, Plant and Live Animal Exports and senior live export industry stakeholders attended the lunch at DDRF before participating in a live export round table meeting.

Breakfast, lunch and afternoon drinks were used to network by participants and to continue conversations from the presentations. Trade displays were numerous with industry businesses in attendance.

Attendees having lunch at Douglas Daly Research Farm

Caption: Lunch at Douglas Daly Research Farm.

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