Two new faces in the Katherine Livestock Industries team!

Region: Greater Darwin, Katherine Region, Barkly Region | Topic: Livestock
Feb 2022 | Stacey Holzapfel, Livestock Extension Officer

Since we introduced you to the Livestock Industries team in Katherine last edition, we’ve got some additions to the crew.

Christie Pearson

Christie Pearson with her motorbike

Caption: Christie Pearson, Livestock Team Leader.

Christie has recently joined the department as a research officer and team leader for the livestock team at the Katherine Research Station. She completed her degree in agricultural science with the University of Sydney in 2015, where her interest in the northern beef cattle industry was developed.

Christie recently completed her PhD based remotely in the Northern Territory, looking at risk factors for calf mortality in northern beef herds with the University of Sydney. Her PhD involved using remote monitoring technologies, such as GPS collars, vaginal birth sensors and walk over weigh stations, to gain a better understanding of the spatial and temporal behaviours of animals around the time of birth and how these impacted calf survival.

Christie is passionate about bridging the gap between industry and science, as she believes there are often difficulties in sharing the results of science in a meaningful way or with commercial implications.

Stacey Holzapfel

Stacey Holzapfel sitting on rocks

Caption: Stacey Holzapfel, Livestock Extension Officer.

Stacey came on board the livestock team in January 2022 as a livestock extension officer. Having grown up in southeast Victoria, she then worked on cattle stations across Western Australia where she found her passion for the northern beef industry.

Stacey completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science. Combined with a 3‑month professional placement throughout the northern beef supply chain, and developed her knowledge and understanding of how science integrates into Australia’s livestock industries.

With a keen interest in northern cattle production and research, particularly in nutrition, Stacey, as part of her work with our team, aims to help increase industry awareness of new, proven research and assist with adoption of practices that will benefit beef production as a whole.

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