The Plant Industry group has a new Horticulture team leader

Region: Katherine Region | Topic: Horticulture
Feb 2022

Portrait shot of Salman Quddus

Caption: Dr Salman Quddus has moved from the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security to join the Plant Industries team.

Salman recently completed his PhD from Charles Darwin University.

He joined the Northern Territory Government’s former Department of Environment, and Natural Resources in 2018 as an extension weed scientist in Darwin. Before joining the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, he worked as senior district weed officer in Katharine under the Department of Environment, Parks and Water Security.

Salman is passionate about the development of northern Australian agriculture and looks forward to working with industry, partners and stakeholders across the Territory. He will be working with the team across a broad range of horticulture activities, including:

  • crop diversification trials of avocados in the Top End, mango varieties in the southern region, and ginger production in the Katherine region
  • establishing National Mango Breeding Program varieties bud wood blocks at research farms
  • safeguarding the future of the Northern Territory mango industry project
  • Kakadu plum propagation trials, and
  • post-harvest quality management of cassava.

More information

Growers interested in finding out more about these projects can contact Salman by email

Additional information about the Plant Industries group projects can be found on the plant industries page.

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