Leucaena Profitable Grazing Systems – Northern Territory Agriculture: Pathways to Potential Field Day

What's on

Take part in the first of a series of workshops and site walks with The Leucaena Network (TLN) and Profitable Grazing Systems (PGS).

Improve your grazing systems with the new psyllid-tolerant strain of leucaena, Redlands. Topics will cover the economic advantages of incorporating Redlands leucaena as a forage crop, where it will grow, techniques to ensure a good planting outcome and how to manage it while minimising its weedy potential.

  • Visit Department of Primary Industry and Resources research farm leucaena demonstration sites and also local producers' demonstration sites.
  • View slashing/mulching and other relevant equipment and talk to local contractors and machinery suppliers.
  • Learn how to use Natural Resources (NR) maps. Hear about improved pastures, what will grow in your region and talk to Northern Territory seed suppliers. Get the basics about ecosystem processes, understanding pasture growth and how to work out grazing loads. Discover the key differences in managing grazing on introduced or mixed pastures vs native pasture systems.
  • Learn about legume agronomy, ’checking out your nods‘, how to assess if nitrogen fixation is occurring in your paddocks and the basics of soil health.
  • See how to use drone imaging and other technology for pasture assessment. Drones allow advanced information-gathering for automation, analysis and visualisation. Understand how remote satellite sensing and imaging of your farm or region, analysed in real time, can give you valuable data on crop quality, crop volumes, and land management.

Where, when and how much

Where: Douglas Daly Research Farm

Dates: From 10:00am Thursday 10 October 2019 until 1:00pm Friday 11 October 2019

NT producers: free, limited places available.

Industry representatives: $75 per person


Please RSVP to Rebecca Mohr-Bell at rebecca@argyllconsulting.com.au for catering and accommodation purposes.

Last updated: 25 September 2019

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