DPIR shine at the Katherine Show

The department hosts the agricultural display at the Katherine Show each year, and staff did a fantastic job again this year, sharing news from across our portfolio.

Information on the cotton trial at Katherine Research Station drew plenty of interest, with most show goers surprised to discover modern cotton crops and farming methods use far less water than they thought. The Beatrice Hill buffalo herd display also proved popular - many visitors had no idea the department even had a buffalo herd, or that buffalo are used for dairy in certain parts of Australia.

The show was the perfect opportunity for staff to share biosecurity messages, and the display included information on the emerging threat of African Swine Fever, the dangers of feeding meat swill to pigs, the need to look out for signs of citrus canker, and why we should not release pond fish into our waterways.

As well as hosting the agricultural display, staff also acted as stewards and judges. The theme for this year’s show was Christmas in July, and the winning scarecrow was a grinch in a chimney created by the Katherine Special School, which is known for its outstanding scarecrow entries!

This year there was an increase in the number of fruit and vegetable entries, including an impressive 10 giant pumpkin entries. The winning pumpkin weighed 91.5kg and had to be weighed with cattle scales. The challenge is now set for Katherine pumpkin growers to break 100kg in 2020.

Department staff also manned the pavilion and provided local watermelon taste testing - thanks to Red Dirt Melons and all involved.

Last updated: 25 September 2019

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