Principle 2

The training plan should clearly and concisely set out the rights and responsibilities of all parties in regards to training and assessment.


To ensure each signatory to the training plan understands the role they have in the provision of, or participation in, the on and off the job training and assessment.

This should include:

  • how and when training is to occur
  • the employer's responsibility to ensure the development of the apprentice's skills and knowledge through appropriate on-the-job work and training, and ensuring access to structured off-the-job training and assessment
  • the apprentice's responsibility to develop their skills and knowledge through participating in on and off the job training and assessment
  • how training related issues and disputes will be identified, actioned and resolved
  • relevant legislative, state training authority policy or RTO compliance requirements that may need to be considered
  • details relating to the achievement of competency based milestones within the qualification that enable competency based progression and completion.

Last updated: 05 June 2019

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