Paddock power

Sustainable and profitable intensification

Many breeder paddocks in Northern Australia are too big and under-watered to achieve optimum productivity. These large, poorly watered paddocks impact on reproduction and profitability: there’s over-and under-utilised feed (depending on distance from water), incomplete musters and limited opportunities to implement herd segregation, controlled mating or tactical pasture management.

Paddock Power, a three-year collaborative project between the Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism and Meat and Livestock Australia and the aims to answer:

  1. How much impact is paddock area and distance to water having on production?
  2. Where should we put new water and/or fencing infrastructure to get best bang for buck?
  3. Which infrastructure development option/s will deliver the best return on investment?

Want to get involved?

We’re looking for good quality station data from big paddocks – contact us to discuss how we can analyse your data to see what your calf loss rates and reproductive performance is in paddocks of different sizes and watered area.

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Visit the Paddock Power project page on the FutureBeef website

Project contact

Dr Dionne Walsh
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade
T: 08 8999 2178

Dr Kieren McCosker
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade
T: 08 8973 9771

Last updated: 16 October 2020

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