Previous funding rounds

Round eight - 2015

Round eight of the Geophysics and Drilling Collaboration program has been awarded for six drilling and four geophysical programs.

Approval of funding by the chief executive of the department was made in May 2015.

Negotiation of contracts with successful applicants was completed by June 2015.

All field work for this funding round was to be completed by December 2015.

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Drilling projects

Emmerson ResourcesMLC21, MLC324, MLC69, ML23969, MLC86, EL29488, EL28777Gecko Deep DrillingPending
Cameco AustraliaEL5893Wellington Range ProjectPending
Areva ResourcesEL27123, EL27183, EL29395Wiso ProjectPending
Core ExplorationEL28136Inkheart Prospect Diamond DrillingPending
Rockland ResourcesEL29905, EL29906Eclipse ProjectPending
Pacifico MineralsEL24401Bing Bong ExplorationPending

Geophysics projects 

Teck AustraliaEL25467, EL29021Yalco ProjectPending
Teck AustraliaEL29557, EL29560, EL29793, EL2979, EL30665Carrara ProjectPending
MMG ExplorationEL30158, EL26836, EL26835, EL29022, EL30048North Batten ProjectPending
Tom Oates

EP304, EP307

Birrindudu and Victoria Petroleum ProjectPending

Round seven - 2014 to 2015

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Drilling projects 

Imperial Oil and Gas EP184EP184 St Vidgeon Core ProgramPR2014-0072, PR2014-0073, PR2014-0074, PR2014-0076, PR2014-0077
Enigma MiningEL27711, EL30085McArthur River ProjectCR2014-1146
Spectrum Rare EarthsEL27151Skyfall Rare Earths 


Metal RocksEL27412RosewoodProject not undertaken
Areva ResourcesEL28211, EL28213, EL28214Davenport ProjectCR2014-0848
Gunson ResourcesEL29553Tennant Creek Gold-Copper ProjectProject not undertaken
Castile ResourcesEL27039Curiosity Project


CKA ResourcesEL27526Ooratippra Iron Oxide Copper Gold Exploration in covered terrainProject not undertaken
Alligator EnergyEL24992Tin Camp Creek Drilling


ABM ResourcesEL26590Dune DrillingProject not undertaken

Geophysics projects 

Clancy ExplorationEL22555, EL30155, EL30153, EL22554, EL23927, EL29367, EL23926, EL29368Walkeley and Bonita ProjectsProject not undertaken
Teck AustraliaEL25467, EL29021Yalco ProjectCR2014-0948
Alligator EnergyEL24921, EL24922Tin Camp CreekCR2014-0948

Round six - 2013 to 2014

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Drilling projects 

MMG LimitedEL25728, EL27934Mt Sanford Project


CKA Resources


Ooratippra Iron Oxide Copper Gold Exploration in covered terrainCR2014-0198
Western Desert ResourcesGEP27829Roper Bar GeothermalProject not undertaken
Alligator EnergyEL24992Mamadawerre Project EL24992Project not undertaken
May DrillingEL 28462Giants Reef Conductor EastCR2014-0297
MMG LimitedEL26029, EL26923Matchbox Project, McArthur BasinCR2014-0003
Uranium EquitiesEL10176West Arnhem Joint Venture ProjectProject not undertaken
Arunta ResourcesEL28045Southern Cross BoreCR2014-0201

Geophysics projects 

Areva ResourcesEL28211, EL28213, EL28214Davenport ProjectCR2013-1041

Round five - 2012 to 2013

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Drilling projects 

CKA ResourcesEL27526Ooratippra Iron Oxide Copper Gold Exploration in covered terrainCR2013-1025
Mithril ResourcesEL25643, EL28335Illowga (IOCG) ProjectCR2012-1235
Uranium EquitiesMLN962Nabarlek ML ProjectProject not undertaken
Western Desert ResourcesEL27475Bundara CreekCR2012-1203
Western Desert ResourcesEL27472Larrimah EastCR2012-1131

Geophysics projects 

ABM ResourcesEL23926Bonita Sub ProjectCR2012-1109
Consolidated Global Investments (Century Hill)EL26899, ELA26897Flora River Airborne Magnetic/Radiometric SurveyCR2012-0752
Toro EnergyEL26987, EL27301, EL29396, EL28997, EL28512Reynolds Range Collaborative TEMPEST SurveyCR2013-0180
Toro EnergyEL27123, EL29395Wiso Basin Collaborative TEMPEST SurveyCR2013-0181
USI NTEL27800Amadeus ProjectProject not undertaken

Round four - 2011 to 2012

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Drilling projects 

Anglo Australian ResourcesEL25728, EL27934Victoria River DownsProject not undertaken
AusQuest LimitedEL23792Plenty River Caroline ProspectCR2012-0034
Crosslands Uranium MinesEL22738Chilling Project EL22738 BuchananCR2012-0086
Mincor ResourcesEL25091Georgina Basin GBJVDDH05 and GBJVDDH01CR2011-1165
Natural Resources ExplorationEL27828Daly Waters ProspectCR2012-0450

Geophysics projects 

Eclipse UraniumEL24625Eclipse Uranium Project EL24625CR2012-0063
Redbank CopperEL26778, EL27241, EL26999, EL26965, EL26779, EL27737, EL26780, EL26758, EL26781The Acquisition of Regional Airborne Magnetic and Radiometric Data, Calvert Fracture Zone, Calvert Hills NTCR2011-0800

Round three - 2010 to 2011

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Drilling projects 

Uranium EquitiesEL25220Headwaters ProjectCR2011-0171
Royal ResourcesEL27633Yatjalu ProjectProject not undertaken
Callabonna UraniumEL27181Denison ProjectProject not undertaken
Territory UraniumEL25397, EL27154Calvert ProjectProject not undertaken
Mincor ResourcesEL25901Georgina BasinProject not undertaken
Central PetroleumEP115Horn Valley Siltstone Unconventional Gas/Oil PotentialProject not undertaken
Bondi MiningEL26138Cresswell ProjectProject not undertaken
Uramet MineralsEL26748Adnera Uraniferous AlaskiteProject not undertaken

Geophysics projects 

Acacia Minerals (NT Resources)SEL27526, EL27568, EL27626, ELAs27714 to 27720Ooratippra Project Gravity Survey ProposalCR2011-0048
Thundelarra ExplorationEL24561, EL25283, EL25334, EL24879, EL24928, EL24929, EL25556, ELA24927Ngalia Basin Regional AEM SurveyCR2011-0129
Western Desert ResourcesEL27472, EL27473Larrimah EastCR2010-0926
Western Desert ResourcesEL27458 and 27459Toudinny Creek - Bundara CreekCR2010-0730
Toro EnergyEL27138Wiso Basin Collaborative SkyTEM SurveyCR2010-0630

Round two - 2009 to 2010

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Drilling projects 

AusQuest LimitedEL23792Plenty RiverCR2009-0964
Bondi MiningEL24841, EL25710, EL26140Murphy ProjectCR2010-0034
Westgold ResourcesEL25511Rover ProjectCR2010-0312
Crossland Uranium MinesEL24520Lake WoodsCR2010-0226
North Australian DiamondsEL24192LeviathanCR2010-0260
Royal ResourcesEL24571Ngalia ProjectCR2011-0327
Silex Exploration AustraliaML22624OonagalabiCR2009-0790
Sipa ExplorationEL22359, EL23992, EL26822West Warrego Gold ProjectCR2009-1078
Southern UraniumEL24837Calvert HillsCR2009-1034
Territory UraniumEL24966Tennant Creek BluebushCR2010-0203
Territory UraniumEL25222, EL25223Daly River Uranium ExplorationCR2010-0736
TNG LimitedEL23074Mount Peake ProjectCR2009-1079

Geophysics projects 

Anglo Australian ResourcesEL25422, EL25423Victoria River DownsCR2009-0856
Quasar ResourcesEL26246Curtin Springs Gravity SurveyCR2009-0581

Round one - 2008 to 2009

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Drilling projects 

Bondi MiningEL24841, EL25710Murphy Uranium Diamond Drill ProgramCR2009-0953
Adelaide ResourcesEL7739Rover ProjectCR2010-0326
Proto Resources and InvestmentsEL25307Limbunya Drilling ProgramCR2009-0607
Uramet MineralsSEL24769Drilling Marqua Magnetic Anomoly M1CR2009-0583
Dunmarra EnergyEL25596, EL25599Stuart Plateau Bitumen ProjectCR2009-0239

Geophysics projects 

Central PetroleumEP112Henbury Gravity ProgramPR2009-0149
Quasar ResourcesEL26197, EL26194Kulgera Gravity SurveyCR2009-0203
Quasar ResourcesEL26243Mount Ebenezer Gravity SurveyCR2009-0204
Thundelarra ExplorationEL24879, EL24928, EL24929, EL25283, EL24561, EL25334Western Ngalia Basin Gravity SurveyCR2009-0593

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