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The Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission (TERC) identified the development of a new Northern Territory Agribusiness and Aquaculture Strategy as an important catalyst to drive economic growth in the agribusiness sector. Development opportunities in aquaculture were identified as key priorities.

"Agribusiness in the Territory needs a clear whole-of-sector strategic direction, co-designed by Territory Government and industry, that draws on synergies and reaches across related services, including new areas of value add processing and manufacturing and prioritisation of biosecurity, including active promotion of provenance to underpin the sustainable growth of the sector from its current 2.5% of gross state product."

Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission - final report.

The TERC report outlined 8 key areas of focus:

  1. enabling infrastructure requirements
  2. sector capability and capacity, including workforce and technology
  3. commercialisation opportunities through new products and emerging industries
  4. market access and supply chains
  5. value adding manufacturing and processing
  6. innovative and targeted research and development approaches
  7. mitigation of risks such as weeds, pests, diseases and a changing climate - prioritising biosecurity as a key market advantage
  8. opportunities for a 'Territory Provenance' identity.

The Northern Territory Government is working with industry to develop a co-designed strategic plan that will grow the agribusiness sector through to 2030.

Agribusiness development offers a significant opportunity for the Northern Territory economy, jobs and food security.

The sectors involved in agribusiness and aquaculture for the purposes of this strategy include:

  • pastoral industry - livestock
  • live cattle export
  • horticulture
  • broad acre cropping
  • forestry
  • wild caught fisheries
  • aquaculture
  • crocodile harvest, research and farming
  • buffalo capture, husbandry and export
  • native foods
  • carbon and climate change sector
  • laboratories and biosecurity systems
  • infrastructure, transport and logistics
  • meat, fruit, vegetable and seafood processing and value-adding
  • fresh meat, fruit and vegetable supply chains, traceability and food safety
  • investment facilitation, market development and trade access systems
  • training. education, research, business and workforce development sector
  • machinery, technology and communications
  • environmental and land management services
  • supply and services
  • legislation and regulation.

To have your say on the agribusiness and aquaculture framework, fill in the online survey before 5pm, Friday 25 February 2022 on the Have Your Say website.

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