Unlock new opportunities with EO4NT grant


Companies wanting to develop solutions to overcome Northern Territory specific industry problems with the use of Earth Observation (EO) technology are encouraged to apply for the Earth Observation for the Northern Territory (EO4NT) grant program.

The $200,000 EO4NT grant, delivered in partnership with the Northern Territory Government and Geoscience Australia is designed to unlock new space investment in the Territory.

The grant funding is available to support private companies to develop commercial applications derived from EO data to solve Territory business problems and/or enhance business performance and productivity.

The EO4NT program, which was launched earlier this year has been updated to make it easier and more accessible for applicants to apply.

You no longer need to have an established partnership with an end user at the application stage. You can also use any data source to develop your solution and the solution can apply to any industry sector.

The Territory Government can help connect applicants with industry associations and other end users to assist with proposal development and to identify an industry challenge to solve.

Examples of potential solutions include the use of EO data to enhance mining exploration, rehabilitation and environmental monitoring; implementing agricultural technology solutions for farmers; improving compliance monitoring for bushfire management; enhancing detection of weeds like gamba grass; or to streamline regulatory approvals for government.

Applications are open and will close on Monday 17 October.

For more information visit https://nt.gov.au/eo4nt

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