AROWS funding commitment in the 2022 Australian Government Budget


Through the 2022-23 Australian Government’s Budget, an additional $6.9 billion over 12-years is being invested under the National Water Grid Fund, taking the total investment to $8.9 billion.

For the Territory, $300.6 million has been committed towards the first stage of the Darwin Region Water Supply Infrastructure Program.

This investment includes:

  • Manton Dam Return to Service.
  • pre-construction for Adelaide River Off Stream Water Storage (AROWS). In addition, $7.1 million is also being invested to support evidence-based allocation decisions through the Adelaide River Catchment Water Allocation Plan.

The Australian Government has now committed to more than 150 water infrastructure projects and business cases across Australia to support regional communities to increase water security and resilience to drought, as well as improve regional economic growth and jobs creation.

For more information, go to the Water Security website.

Aerial view of Manton Dam

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