Innovation speeds up feedback


A Territory entrepreneur has developed a web-based application to help staff and customers have their say about service standards - immediately.

Human resources professional Sulal Mathai founded Realtime Feedback because he feels the gathering of genuine comments by staff and clients - whether positive or negative - is often inefficient.

He used a Business Innovation Program grant from the Territory Government’s Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade to work with an IT company to develop the application.

Mr Mathai, who is head of corporate services at Danila Dilba Health Service in Darwin, says the grant was critical in allowing him to push ahead with his innovation.

“Feedback is usually people being given questionnaires with specific questions,” he says. “That doesn’t allow for real time responses.”

Realtime Feedback can be used in any workplace.

It uses innovative technology in two ways - the feedback provided is anonymous and is non-prescriptive, which means employees, customers and stakeholders are not asked leading questions that tend to lead the response.

The application offers a fully customisable digital feedback box and user-friendly dashboard.

Unique algorithms interpret and present patterns in data, which can be used to support decision making for business improvement, growth and policy development.

The reporting feature enables management to see open and resolved cases and integrate the data into actionable outcomes.

“Realtime Feedback can help improve service standards,” says Mr Mathai.

Sulal Mathai, leveraging technology for real-time honest feedback

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