All RISE to the occasion for a mango harvesting venture


With mango madness season spreading across the Top End, the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade’s Katherine Research Station decided to expand the reach of the tropical fruit even further.

A group of participants from two community training programs joined forces to pick mangos from the orchard at the research farm this week to relieve the department of its excess mangos from research and trial crops.

Senior Technical Officer, Abhishek Soni, and Technical officer, Frank Lunguna, gave a toolbox safety meeting for all the participants. They also sprayed the tyres of the visiting vehicles to ensure biosecurity, arranged a mango washing station and identified areas of the orchard that could be harvested.

Keen to gain experience in harvesting mangos, 26 participants from RISE and Nyirrunggulung-Rise collected the fruit to distribute to various Aboriginal communities including Kalano, Binjari, Barunga, Beswick and Bulman.

In previous years, the department has distributed the fruit to the communities, but this year worked with the two organisations to squeeze even more out of the opportunity.

The team filled two large harvest bins and all the bags and containers they brought with them, with much joking and laughter from the pickers.

Members of both community training groups, which aim to assist local enterprise development and build leadership skills in youth, are keen to return to the orchard to collect more mangoes in the coming weeks.

Group shots of the RISE and Nyirrunggulung-Rise teams
Caption: The teams from RISE and Nyirrunggulung-Rise were happy to relieve the research farm of its excess mangoes and take them to local Aboriginal communities.

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