Cutting edge technology used to seek out biosecurity threats


A high-tech device helping protect the Northern Territory’s (NT) iconic fish and marine life from harmful aquatic pests is being deployed around the region’s coastline.

The cutting-edge, remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) takes monitoring to the next level, reducing the need for divers and providing a mobile camera capable of scanning large areas in limited time.

The deep-sea diving device looks like a high-tech turtle and forms part of the frontline defence thanks to its manoeuvrability into most locations. It also supplies real-time footage to help with the identification of invasive species.

The NT Fisheries team have been testing the underwater drone around Darwin and recently used it to monitor the increasing fish numbers establishing on the artificial reefs off the coast.

Another long workout is planned for the high tech equipment next month as part of the annual low tide survey, which includes surveillance around local harbours for biosecurity threats.

For more information, go to the Northern Territory Government Newsroom.

ROV - remote operated vehicle
Caption: The remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) is already hard at work carrying out surveillance for aquatic biosecurity threats.

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