National drilling initiative reveals golden opportunity for northern Australia


The first data from an innovative drilling project has confirmed the mineral potential of a previously underexplored region of northern Australia.

The results of the National Drilling Initiative’s (NDI) first campaign, led by the MinEx CRC with support from Geoscience Australia and the Northern Territory Geological Survey indicates that preliminary analysis of data and samples from 10 stratigraphic drill holes from the East Tennant region of the Barkly Tableland shows the area is highly prospective for minerals, particularly copper and gold.

While further analysis will be conducted in collaboration with MinEx CRC researchers, this drilling data confirms that the East Tennant region has the right geology to host a range of mineral systems.

The drilling uncovered copper mineralisation that could indicate that rich deposits occur in the region.

The new knowledge delivered by the project will help industry to more effectively explore this region, potentially leading to a new wave of discoveries.

The data can be accessed through the Australian Government's Exploring for the Future Data Discovery Portal and the MinEx CRC National Drilling Initiative Portal.

The upcoming AGES conference will also provide an opportunity for briefing sessions.

Read the media release on the Northern Territory Government Newsroom.

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