Make your catch count


The 2021-22 Northern Territory recreational fishing survey - make your catch count, has commenced.

The aim of the survey is to identify:

  • how many fish people caught on their trip
  • where people fished and how long they fished for
  • what specific species were targeted
  • how many fish they caught
  • how much was spent preparing for a day on the water.

From 5 March 2021 trained Fisheries staff will be located at boat ramps throughout the territory asking a few questions. The survey only takes a few minutes to complete and staff are clearly recognisable by their ‘Make your catch count’ shirts and identification cards.

At the completion of the survey period, the data will be analysed and a report generated to be released in 2022. The data collected will help us monitor and sustainably manage the Northern Territory’s fish stocks.

The last Territory-wide recreational fishing survey was conducted in 2018-19 with the report expected to be released this June 2021.

Fisher answering survey questions

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