Training excellence recognised

Susan Turner has dedicated much of her life to helping Territorians live better lives.

She has worked with the training industry for 26 years and has helped many people gain qualifications in their chosen fields.

Susan’s dedication - her willingness to go above and beyond what she is paid to do - earned her the Group Training NT (GTNT) Supervisor of the Year award.

Susan is typically humble about the award, saying only: “I have a long history in training.”

Susan is the Regional Executive Officer at the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade in Alice Springs and is located at the Arid Zone Research Institute.

Her job includes facilitating training for apprentices in business and agriculture.

The trainees work at the Arid Zone Research Institute and the Old Man Plains Research Station.

The facilities have an accredited water microbiology laboratory, vocational education classrooms, an award-winning scheme to store recycled water from the town in an underground aquifer for agricultural reuse, and sentinel testing for arboviruses and avian viruses using cattle and chickens.

Old Man Plains carries out a range of activities focusing on best management practice in animal husbandry and sustainable carrying capacities for rangeland pastures in an arid climate. All of the work has the objective of increasing productivity and profitability of the beef industry.

“I want the training, that I can help facilitate, to be a stepping stone for people to succeed in their careers,” says Susan.

“I find my work very satisfying. It’s great that the department also believes in my vision to assist Aboriginal people become qualified and have a job at the end of their training.”

She is also recognised as having a deep understanding of mental health issues, especially among young people.

Susan, who has three children, was born in Alice Springs and has a large extended family in town.

She enjoys the red desert and driving the support vehicle when her motorcycling son Nick is training for the Finke Desert Race.

She also volunteers for netball and enjoys umpiring.

“I think the more you volunteer the more satisfying your life becomes.”

Susan Turner, GTNT's Supervisor of the Year award winner
Photo credit: North Australia Media

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