Help keep the Territory free of tomato potato psyllid bugs!


Territorians are being asked to get involved in a national biosecurity research program by registering to join the tomato potato psyllid (TPP) trapping project.

This fun, hands on project is open to anyone living in Darwin or Palmerston who has a sunny spot outside where they can keep a pot plant. We are also inviting schools, community gardens and nurseries to participate to help improve the early detection of TPP in the Northern Territory (NT).

This exotic pest can affect a range of plants including: potato, tomato, eggplant, capsicum and chilli, damaging plants by feeding on them. These tiny pests look similar to cicadas but are only a fraction of the size growing to about 3mm in length.

Currently there has been no detection of TPP in the NT.

Registrants will receive a ‘trapping pack’ with everything they need, including a free eggplant or cherry tomato plant. The project runs from 10 August to 12 September, where participants are required to set up the trap with the plant provided and change their traps weekly. Traps then need to be sent to the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade via the supplied postage paid envelopes.

The results will form part of a national research program led by the Western Australian Government’s Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development to determine the status of tomato potato psyllid across Australia.

The trapping project runs from 10 August to 12 September 2021.

To register for the trapping project and receive your free plant, register your details on the tomato potato psyllid page.

Get your community garden or school involved

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