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To increase water security for all Territorians and as part of the development of a strategic water plan, the Territory Government is considering infrastructure solutions for the Darwin region.

The Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, in collaboration with the Australian Government and Power and Water Corporation, are developing a detailed business case to assess two short-listed infrastructure options to meet the Darwin region’s future water supply needs.

The business case will provide the information government needs to make an informed decision, including if, how and when to invest in new infrastructure.

The development of the detailed business case is being supported by a $2 million Australian Government investment, which forms part of its nationwide commitment for water infrastructure projects.

The preliminary assessment (part A) was released in February this year outlining the two infrastructure options being considered. It can be found at on the Water Security website.

This means that over the long term, investment in new water supply infrastructure is crucial.

The same report also looked at potential solutions and identified two short-listed options for further consideration:

  • Option 1: Adelaide River Off-stream Water Storage (AROWS) and Manton Dam Return to Service (RTS) which can provide water for a range of use over the next 50+ years, and
  • Option 2: Desalination and recycled water which can enable industry development in the short term (up to 10 years) at the proposed Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct.

Now, the detailed business case (part B), is being prepared by independent consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers, and will investigate and evaluate in depth, these two options to respond to the expected forecast urban, industrial and agricultural demand.

Like all major infrastructure projects, if one of the options is progressed in the future, rigorous approval processes would be followed, including the need to meet all legislated requirements such as environmental impact assessment.

No decisions have been made and community input is essential to inform future decisions made by government.

To have your say go to the Have Your Say website.

The survey closes at 8am on Monday 26 July 2021.

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