Sharing research and technology with the University of Florida


The Northern Territory Government has partnered with the University of Florida to collaborate on research and development in areas of mutual interest.

A new memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been initially signed for two years, but is extendable by mutual agreement. The MoU will strengthen and expand the research capacity of both organisations through sharing of research and technical exchange.

Specifically, joint investigation research regarding tropical crops will be shared, as well as an opportunity for research questions to improve production systems and returns for growers.

“It’s particularly important to share knowledge from diverse regions to help enhance knowledge of these tropical crops” said Dr Muhammad Sohail Mazhar, Horticulture Group Leader, Agriculture Division of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

No direct financial contribution has been committed to this MoU. The program has the potential to also develop joint research proposals to secure external funding, and where mutually beneficial, support the exchange of researchers, when the time is right, to build capacity and facilitate the transfer of technical knowledge.

Initially discussions on collaboration opportunities have begun regarding mango, passionfruit, and vanilla.

For more information email or call 08 8999 2357.

Picture of a passionfruit flower

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