Future of Darwin Region water supply


Secure, reliable and cost-effective water supply is a step closer to supporting economic development in the Darwin region, with the Adelaide River Off-Stream Water Storage (AROWS) preliminary assessment now complete.

The preliminary assessment identified options to be progressed to a detailed business case.

The detailed business case will provide detailed information needed for the Northern Territory and Australian governments to make potential future water infrastructure investments in the region.

It will assess the potential for AROWS and other options to provide secure reliable and cost-effective water to meet future water demand.

The business case will also thoroughly investigate the market demand and infrastructure needs for the project to best support economic development in the Darwin region.

The $2 million investment in AROWS detailed business case is part of a $3.5 billion Australian Governments National Water Infrastructure Fund.

For more information on the AROWS project, go to the Water Security website.

The detailed business case is scheduled for completion in late 2021.

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