Community Benefit Fund grants up for grabs


Not-for-profit organisations across the Territory can access hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding, with applications for the Community Benefit Fund grants now open.

The grants enable organisations to increase their reach and services to the Territory community, and build on the important work they do. They also have important flow-on benefits for jobs for local Territorians.

Eligible projects range from enhancing sport and art facilities, purchasing IT equipment to boost youth initiatives, and improving community wellbeing and safety.

The Community Benefit Fund receives money and levies from the operation of electronic gaming machines that are operated by licensed hotels and casinos throughout the Territory.

The current round of Community Benefit Fund grants open for application include:

  • Major Community Grants: funding of up to $250,000 is available to provide services, leisure activities and opportunities to Territorians
  • Community Event Grants: funding of up to $250,000 is available to conduct major community events for the benefits of Territorians
  • Vehicle Gifting Grants: available to assist not-for-profits improve business operations and transportation requirements
  • Gambling Amelioration: funding to support the promotion of community awareness and education in respect of problem gambling.

Minor Grants of up to $15,000 are also available all year round and to assist in general community development and improvement purposes.

Applications for the Community Benefit Fund grants close on 28 February 2021.

For the full guidelines or more information, go to the Northern Territory Government website or contact the Community Benefit Fund on 1300 650 153.

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