Screen investments expected to inject over $10 million into Territory economy


Filming is now underway for a new drama series titled True Colours in Central Australia, making it the third television series to be filmed in the Territory within a year and contributing to an expected injection of over $10 million into the local economy.

The new premium drama series for SBS Australia follows Aboriginal detective Toni Alma (played by Rarriwuy Hick) who investigates a series of suspicious car accidents in an Aboriginal community which requires her to navigate between two worlds and identify a killer who may be very close to home.

The series developed by the Territory’s own CAAMA Productions and produced by Sydney based Bunya Productions, will be filmed in various scenic Territory locations including Alice Springs and the community of Amoonguna.

Portrait shot of Rarriwuy Hick
Actor: Rarriwuy Hick, copyright image: Bradley Patrick

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